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When the blogging needs to stop

After seven solid weeks of daily blogging I took a week off ... and suddenly realized I'd been missing the point. It's not blogging that's important, per se, but giving your readers regular relevant content, and letting them know where to find it. For me, there's probably a better way to do it than religiously blogging every day.

Making the most of disaster

I spilt coffee all over my computer - and thought it was dead. But with the help of Google and a little bit of luck, I made a full recovery ... as well as learning lots. Disaster can be a great way to learn.

Charity begins

As our Coloring The Wind project develops, we'd decided to use some of the proceeds from our wall-art to support humanitarian charities. This is how we came to the decision and how we're going to organize it.

Fighting the good fight

Julia Neiman's new book makes an important contribution in the battle against unemployment. She teaches the entrepreneurial mindset; although her book is aimed at teens and young adults, Julia's advice will help and inspire entrepreneurs of any age.

The Unique Buying Proposition

The Unique Selling Proposition? That's all about you and your products. So what about a Unique Buying Proposition, remembering that in a business relationship there are two parties, you and your customers?

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