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I’m Alan Miles, an entrepreneur who loves the challenge of new ideas, and building new businesses. In the 1980s I took my award-winning UK computer design business from a 2-man partnership to a public company. In the 1990s my pioneering job creation business put thousands of unemployed school and college-leavers to work in the Arab Gulf. For 15 years my custom-designed HR software application, Prospero, has been used by prestige clients in the Middle East – banks, hotels, airlines, construction, hospitals, government agencies.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved with Prospero, but it’s time now to move on – with new technologies, new methods, and a new understanding of the power of HR to build highly effective businesses. In the design stage now, my new HR suite, HYGWIT, presents HR as a service provider rather than a record keeper, using web and mobile technology to minimize paperwork and encourage direct interactions between individual employees and the HR team.

A decade ago, my software clients always asked me first about payroll and administration; nowadays they take it for granted that we have the basics covered and they’re looking for ways to attract, develop and retain talent. My take on the war for talent is that there’s far too much emphasis placed on the top performers. My methodology, deeply woven into HYGWIT, is to leave no room for complacency anywhere in the organization.

In this new world, the HR team becomes an achievement team, managers become mentors, ideas begin to flow up through the organization instead of always filtering down. People are clear about their responsibilities and understand not only what they’re expected to do, but what measurable targets they’re expected to achieve. Everyone learns not to be afraid of failure or mistakes, but to spot problems early and take remedial action. Initiative is encouraged.

You’ll often find me blogging about achievement issues like these. While the admin and payroll tools in my HR software are still Mid-East centered, the achievement strategy could have global impact in strengthening businesses large and small.