The first project: Coloring The Wind.

Through HROomph, I aim to start, sponsor and support a number of business projects. The intention is to show by example how to set up a new achievement-focused business and move it to viability quickly, blogging as I go. Through experience I aim to develop a template for a successful start-up.

I don’t want to give the impression that start-ups are easy. Even though I’ve done it several times, I still make mistakes … and there’s always something new to learn. Self-employment is a big step, and before you take it, you need to be sure that it’s right for you – take a look at this post – Jumping to Self-Employment: 10 tips for a soft landing – before you make your final decision to go it alone.

Nevertheless, it is possible – with a little imagination and without significant investment – for almost anyone to get started. I hope that by blogging about my experiences, I can help you to guide you in the right direction.

The first HROomph business is Coloring The Wind, which aims to make money out of poetry. We’re taking words out of books, mixing them with design, and creating inspirational wall-art, which we’re then selling in a Gift-Shop. The site is here … and it’s being updated with great new products every day. Follow one of the Coloring The Wind Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest pages to keep up with what’s new.

I’m blogging the background business strategy here at HROomph, not every day now, but every time there’s an important insight, change of direction, or a significant success or failure. Again, I’ll be announcing updates on the HROomph Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages, but the best way to stay in touch with developments is to become a HROomph subscriber. It’s entirely free and once a week, I’ll send you details of any new blog-posts. Here’s the sign-up form:

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