What is an Achievement Plan? Well it’s similar to a job description. But whereas a job description explains what you’re supposed to do, an A-Plan defines what you’re expected to achieve. Well-constructed A-Plans are critical to our achievement methodology: if you get the plan right, then hiring, performance reviews, training needs identification, succession planning, all fall naturally into place.

Here, in Resources, the aim is gradually to build up a series of Achievement Plan templates – and we invite your contributions, too.

You may not find jobs similar to those in your business as you scan through the index. But that’s not really the point. The objective is to show you how the method is applied. Take a close look in particular at how targets are described – a well-written objective is measurable, so that when we come to performance review and we ask – ‘Was the target achieved’ – the answer is a definitive ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

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